About the Endeavor

Let me tell you all how the Endeavor began…kidding, you don’t wanna read the boring history.  Let’s just suffice it to say that one of my weird hobbies is finding unusual ways to make money (or save it, or win it…and sometimes to spend it!) both online and in the real world.  I’ve been finding and using these ideas in my own life for the last few years.  However, one of the most frustrating parts of the process is finding a source online that I trust to tell me if something is legit or a total scam (or somewhere in between).  So, I’ve decided to try to become that source, myself.

This isn’t a guide to extreme couponing, or to getting rich (I wish!)…it’s just a place where you can find reviews of my adventures in earning and saving money outside my 9-5 job.  Some posts may present a conflict of interest (e.g. I may get a kickback if you click/join/buy/etc) — which makes sense, because that’s another way to make a few bucks.  BUT, I will not be putting up links and reviews for the sole purpose of earning income.  I want to tell people about the things that worked (and the ones that didn’t) for me, in hopes that they might also work for you.  I can’t promise success on every front — I can only promise I’ll share my honest opinions and experiences.

And because this is my blog, I will also occasionally post completely random things because I can.

Comments are welcome and encouraged, but will be moderated (no trolls, sexist/racist/other hateful language, etc).

If you like what you see, and want to stay updated, please click the link at the bottom of the page to Join the Endeavor and receive email updates.


2 thoughts on “About the Endeavor

  1. Dave Jones says:

    Looking forward to this very much, to see what possible opportunities may arise, & also to get another chance to peep into that Vast mind of yours & see what’s up!

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